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Sound Changes the Way We See

Invisible Dog Prank

Internet duo Rhett & Link use DTS Headphone:X™ for their latest prank.

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DTS & SRS are ONE company

DTS’ suite of audio codec solutions, coupled with SRS Labs' range of audio processing technologies enables us to provide an...

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All You Have To Do is LISTEN

At DTS, we believe that sound matters above all. It completes the picture. It tells the story. We invite you to take a listen.

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Time-Travel Movies in 1 Infographic from @Fandango. We're ready to #TBT #BackToTheFuture



#ThrowbackThursday Let's time travel way back...

Time-Travel Movies Made Simple in One Infographic
Whether by DeLorean or hot tub, Hollywood loves traveling across time. From Back to the Future to Donnie Darko, here's a handy guide to some must-see t...


Focal & DTS @ CES 2015

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