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Sound Changes the Way We See

Invisible Dog Prank

Internet duo Rhett & Link use DTS Headphone:X™ for their latest prank.

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DTS & SRS are ONE company

DTS’ suite of audio codec solutions, coupled with SRS Labs' range of audio processing technologies enables us to provide an...

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All You Have To Do is LISTEN

At DTS, we believe that sound matters above all. It completes the picture. It tells the story. We invite you to take a listen.

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RT @VIZIO: VIZIO & @DTS_Inc hosted a blind audio event where we asked consumers to pick their preferred sound. Check it out!



We're not ashamed to admit we fell for some of these! Check out "10 Movie Myths Everyone Believes."

10 Movie Myths Everyone Believes | All Time 10s - Yahoo Screen
Think you could shoot your way out of a locked room? Or could watch a huge fireball in space? Don't believe everything the movies tell us. Discover the truth with 10 Movie Myths Everyone Believes.


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