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SRS is now DTS

SRS CS Auto™ creates a rich, immersive surround sound experience in your automobile, as well as raises the audio image from the speakers placed low in door panels and delivers true, deep bass. That means unmatched surround sound delivered directly to the ear-level of you and your passengers. With CS Auto, traffic jam takes on a whole new meaning.

CS Auto creates a thrilling in-vehicle audio experience over any audio system with four or more speakers. With CS Auto, enjoying surround sound does not require the listener to be in a sweet spot because the entire passenger cabin becomes the sweet spot. Best of all, SRS CS Auto DX delivers surround sound from any audio source, including mono or stereo traditional radio broadcasts, satellite or HD radio, compact discs, DVDs and compressed music from a portable media player.

CS Auto Features:

  • Turns the entire passenger cabin into the sweet spot for maximum realism and enjoyment
  • Immersive surround sound experience regardless of seat location
  • Perceived sound is lifted to each occupant’s ears
  • Sculpted bass to optimize low frequency performance of small drivers and enclosures
  • 4.0 to 6.1 channels of output from any mono, stereo, or 2 channel matrix-encoded content

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