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The Ultimate PC Entertainment Solution
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SRS is now DTS

SRS Premium Sound™ provides the ultimate audio and entertainment experience for all PC applications related to music, movies and games. Utilizing advanced patented technologies, SRS Premium Sound delivers immersive surround complete with deep, rich bass and crystal clear dialog. It also delivers high-frequency definition for crisp detail in any listening environment, ensuring users a premium and natural entertainment experience across any speaker configuration (laptop / desktop speakers or headphones).

SRS Premium Sound features an intuitive user-friendly interface which personalizes the listening experience using multiple presets for music, movies and games. Additionally, SRS Premium Sound dynamically brings out subtle nuances and rich sounds buried in the original recorded or streamed multimedia content, delivering it in such a way that it is superior to stereo or conventional surround sound.

SRS Premium Sound Features

  • Premium audio experience for music, video, and games
  • Immersive surround sound from two speakers or headphones
  • Custom-tuned solution, provide superior natural sound from notebook / desktop speakers and headphones
  • Greater volume for notebook speakers
  • Crystal clear dialog
  • Deep, rich bass
  • Intuitive user interface with presets for ease of use

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