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DTS Provides The Ultimate Audio Experience For Gamers

Whether you are fighting back aliens, speeding around your favorite race track, or flying a chopper into enemy territory, surround sound is a MUST for video gaming. At DTS we believe that high quality audio makes your gaming experience more engaging and lifelike, which is why we have designed specific audio technologies that put you directly in the action. These technologies can be found across a growing range of gaming platforms and titles. So if sound matters to you like it does to us, make sure your next gaming console includes DTS technology. Just look for our logo, and watch out for the bad guy coming up behind you…

Man Of Steel and DTS Headphone:X™ Press Unveiling

11.1 Surround Sound in any headphones with DTS Headphone:X™, debuted June 11, 2013.


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Spotlight Series

The all-new DTS Spotlight Series features interviews with famous artists, engineers and leading industry professionals in the world of entertainment.

Alan Parsons

Engineer/producer/artist - Alan Parsons talks about his experiences working with the likes of The Beatles and Pink Floyd and discusses his passion for surround sound music.

Diego Stocco

Known for his love of audio experimentation and custom-built instruments, Diego Stocco has forged new ground in the world of sound design.

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