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SRS is now DTS

You know the scenario, you are on your mobile phone in a crowded mall or restaurant, and the other person’s voice becomes difficult to understand, because of the limited amplification and acoustic power available on your phone or headset. PureSpeech eliminates this problem by maximizing voice intelligibility. By selectively emphasizing the speech components required for understanding, and de-emphasizing those that are not, PureSpeech clarifies and focuses incoming speech, making the caller very easy to understand even in the most difficult environments. Purespeech not only benefits the caller, but also the call recipient by eliminating outbound noise and reducing echo due to acoustic coupling between the microphone and earphone on the handset or headset. 

Caller Benefits

  • Device owner (hearing the call on a headset or handset) directly benefits from near-end enhancement
  • Significantly improves near-end sound clarity and tonal quality so the user can hear the call even in noisy environments
  • Dynamically maximizes speech intelligibility and voice clarity
  • Automatically adapts to ambient noise level
  • Fully integrated with advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation for outgoing speech

Call Recipient Benefits

  • The call recipient directly benefits from far-end enhancement
  • Significantly reduces annoying ambient noise in the outbound signal
  • Improves outbound voice quality
  • Elimination of distracting echoes of the far-end call participants own voice
  • Easier, more natural full duplex conversation

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