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SRS is now DTS

At SRS we know your mobile phone is home to a massive library of songs, movies and TV shows. We also know that mobile phones are missing the compelling and dynamic audio experience that you need to be truly engaged in the entertainment. We think you deserve better, so we created SRS WideSurround™

SRS WideSurround™ is a revolutionary audio solution that enhances a mobile handset’s built-in stereo speakers to deliver a personal, immersive surround sound experience. SRS WideSurround creates an expansive personal surround field, so no matter if you are holding your phone in your hand or propping it up on a table or desk, the overall audio experience will be immersive and remarkably more compelling and engaging than traditional stereo.

SRS WideSurround Features:

  • A wider surround sound image, so that audio appears to come from around you and not narrowly from the device itself
  • Greater dynamic audio range, so that the precious highs and lows of a song or movie are retained
  • Through clear dialog, expansive scores and immersive sound, SRS Labs has delivered the closest surround sound theater-like experience possible on mobile devices.

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