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SRS is now DTS

Small speakers on most portable devices often result in “ho-hum” audio experience. But, MP3 Players, iPod Docking Stations, Portable Media Players, and Portable Navigation Devices specially tuned with SRS WOW HD™, transform your mobile experience into an immersive, thrilling event. We bet you’ll say “WOW” when you hear the SRS difference.

SRS WOW HD improves the dynamic audio performance of compressed and uncompressed audio by expanding the size of the audio image and creating a deep, rich bass response. The patented techniques in SRS WOW HD widen the horizontal sound field and raise the vertical sound image, retrieving information lost in the mixing process to create a more natural audio experience.

SRS WOW HD Features

  • Stereo enhancement which improves dynamic audio performance
  • Sculpted bass response for maximum thump on small speakers
  • More natural audio with a wider sound field and raised sound image
  • High-definition control for realistic clarity
  • Center control for dynamic extraction and positioning of dialog 


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