Circle Surround II

Surround Yourself with Immersive Audio
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SRS is now DTS

SRS Circle Surround II® delivers true, high-quality surround sound from multichannel, stereo and mono content. Adding to the experience, Circle Surround II improves the clarity of dialog and creates deep, rich bass from A/V receivers, automotive sound systems, DVD software and sound cards.

SRS Circle Surround II delivers up to 6.1 channels of audio from any mono, stereo, Circle Surround-encoded or matrix-encoded content. This powerful decoding methodology includes multiple patented post processing techniques to deliver crisp clear dialog and deep rich bass response. Circle Surround II also incorporates superior steering of surround information and remarkable center channel placement, while maintaining full-range bandwidth in each speaker – creating the ultimate surround sound experience. Circle Surround II is finest matrix decoder available today.

SRS Circle Surround II Features:

  • Creates multichannel surround sound from any audio source - mono, stereo, Circle Surround encoded or matrix-encoded
  • Smooth steering and full bandwidth for a seamless and immersive surround environment
  • Backwards compatible with all playback systems
  • Advanced post processing features that make voice and dialog more clear, and the bass stronger and more enveloping


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