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SRS is now DTS

SRS TheaterSound HD™ featured in select Samsung branded televisions, solves the two most common consumer listening complaints— inconsistent volume levels and unintelligible vocals. SRS TheaterSound HD automatically detects and levels abrupt and annoying volume fluctuations that typically occur when programming switches to commercial break or when changing channels. Additionally, it intelligently separates vocals from all other content and dynamically adjusts the dialog level to ensure it can always be clearly understood.

SRS TheaterSound HD Features:

  • Delivers immersive, yet natural surround sound complete with deep, rich bass
  • Provides a comfortable listening experience free of annoying volume fluctuations
  • The most effective and comprehensive audio solution for flat panel televisions and speaker bars
  • New vocal enhancement ensures that dialog is crisp, clear and audible above background noise
  • Delivers the most natural and immersive surround sound experience

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