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Fulfilling the Promise of Big Entertainment
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SRS is now DTS

Flat Screen TVs provide an enthralling picture in a narrow space, but the size constraints limit the position, number and size of speakers that fit inside. Without top-notch audio, the promise of big entertainment remains unfulfilled with small, narrow sound. For the ultimate flat panel TV experience, make sure your TV is equipped with SRS TruSurround HD™, which delivers enveloping, immersive surround sound, making every seat in the room the “sweet spot”.

SRS TruSurround HD accepts up to 6.1 input channels and renders virtual surround sound from 2.0 – 3.1 speaker configurations. In addition to improving dialog clarity and maximizing bass response, SRS TruSurround HD provides high‐frequency clarity enhancement and bass management for subwoofer and center speaker designs.

SRS TruSurround HD Features:

  • Surround sound virtualization for 1.0 to 6.1 input channels and up to 3.1 output channel configuration
  • Extremely broad sweet spot for maximum realism and enjoyment
  • Sculpted bass to optimize low frequency performance of small drivers and enclosures
  • Dialog enhancement to ensure clear and intelligible vocals
  • Definition control for maximum high-frequency realism and clarity
  • Bass management for subwoofer and center speaker designs


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