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SRS is now DTS

SRS TruSurround XT® is a popular natural surround sound technology which accepts input from 5.1 or surround-encoded audio sources and delivers an enveloping and realistic surround sound experience from just the two speakers built into your TV.

Using patented solutions from SRS Labs, TruSurround XT provides rich, powerful bass response and improves dialog clarity so you can clearly hear and understand what is being said. With TruSurround XT, you also get the broadest “sweet spot” —so now every seat in the house is the best seat, making home entertainment truly entertaining for the whole family.


  • Accurately processes multichannel audio sources, such as DVDs and 5.1 TV broadcasts, to deliver an immersive surround sound experience over two speakers
  • Extremely broad sweet spot for maximum realism, enjoyment and viewer involvement
  • Sculpted and enhanced bass response to optimize low frequency performance of small drivers and enclosures
  • Dialog enhancement to ensure clear and intelligible vocals
  • Widens sound field from stereo and mono broadcasts creating an immersive audio experience


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