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SRS is now DTS

You know the scenario; you are channel surfing or your TV show changes to commercial and then, BAM! the volume spikes like a knife in your ears. Drastic volume spikes or dips can ruin any audio experience. SRS TruVolume™ stops the spikes once and for all. This advanced audio solution puts the control in your hands, allowing you to set the volume once and enjoy television programming without the annoying volume fluctuations.

SRS TruVolume is a revolutionary technology that provides the listener with a comfortable and consistent volume level. SRS TruVolume measures, analyzes and controls volume based on how humans actually perceive and process sound. The listener chooses the preferred volume level once and can rest assured it will remain constant. Set it and forget it.

SRS TruVolume Features:

  • Set desired volume level once to enjoy television, music and all other content without annoying volume fluctuations
  • Intelligent multi-band monitoring and analysis ensures consistent volume while delivering a more natural listening experience
  • Innovative design avoids pumping & breathing artifacts traditionally associated with Automatic Gain Controls (AGCs)
  • Mono, stereo and multichannel processing 


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