1993 Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg fund DTS

Dan Slusser and Joe Fischer become key partners in the launch of DTS

DTS debuts its revolutionary 5.1 sound system in 876 theaters with release of Jurassic Park

1994 DTS opens its European Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium
1996 DTS receives an Academy Award for the design and development of the DTS Digital Sound System

Dan Slusser retires from Universal Studios, joins DTS as Vice Chairman & CEO

DTS Introduces Coherent Acoustics for the Consumer Market

1997 DTS opens office in Tokyo, Japan

DTS launches DTS Entertainment, a record label dedicated to producing high-quality channel music

1999 DTS relocates its European Headquarters to Twyford, England

DTS establishes licensing agreements with most major consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide

DTS opens office in Bangor, Northern Ireland

2000 DTS introduces DTS-ES delivering, 6.1 channels of discrete audio

DTS Digital Sound is featured on all major Hollywood films

Consumer electronics products with DTS decoders surpass ten million

2001 Company introduces DTS 96/24, offering unprecedented audio quality

DTS enters video game market, bringing its technology to the PlayStation 2

More than 20,000 motion picture screens worldwide utilize DTS digital sound playback systems

DTS Cinema Division introduces the DTS-CSS Cinema Subtitling System for hearing impaired and foreign language audiences

Dan Slusser becomes Chairman

2002 100+ million home, auto and portable entertainment products incorporate DTS trademarks or technology

DTS Entertainment's release of Queen's classic A Night At The Opera becomes the best-selling DVD-Audio title ever

Digital Video Broadcasting consortium recognizes DTS technology as a broadcast option

DTS opens office in Hong Kong

2003 DTS celebrates its ten-year anniversary

Joe Fischer joins DTS Board of Directors

DTS opens office in Guangzhou, China

DTS goes public (Nasdaq: DTSI)

200+ million home, auto and portable entertainment products incorporate DTS trademarks or technology

2004 Acura TL becomes the first automobile with DTS technology as standard feature

More than 100 films are released with DTS-CSS captioning and audio description

2004 DTS and Swedish Radio present the world’s first high-resolution 5.1 live broadcast

DTS adopted for both Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD next generation disc standards

DTS purchases Q-Design and establishes DTS Canada ULC

2005 DTS acquires Lowry Digital Images, an industry leader in image restoration and enhancement

300+ million DTS-licensed consumer electronics products sold worldwide

DTS officially changes its name from Digital Theater Systems, Inc. to DTS, Inc.

DTS opens office in Vancouver, Canada

2006 DTS demonstrates DTS-HD Master Audio at CES

DTS opens office in Taipei, Taiwan

DTS opens office in Limerick, Ireland

2007 DTS separates cinema and consumer divisions

DTS technology incorporated in first broadcast system in Norway

PS3 ships with DTS technology

DTS opens office in Seoul, Korea

2008 Blu-ray wins format battle

DTS Digital Images divested

DTS Digital Cinema sold

DTS becomes pure-play IP licensing business

DTS acquires Neural Audio and establishes an office in Kirkland, Washington

2009 DTS Neural technology used for International Superbowl broadcast

DTS opens office in Scotts Valley, California

DTS unveils Premium Suite, a new audio platform for PC’s

DTS gains majority market share on Blu-ray content

DTS moves Headquarters to Calabasas, California

DTS-capable headphones appear on the market

2010 DTS lands first major television deal, Samsung puts DTS in all LCD TV’s

DTS lands first smartphone deal, partners with Pantech to deliver superior audio

Dan Slusser retires as Chairman

2011 DTS stock hits all time high

DTS expands presence in Greater China with the opening of new office in Shenzhen.

DTS unveils new animated logo at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas

DTS opens new office in Singapore

2012 DTS acquires SRS Labs

DTS acquires Phorus

DTS launches Play-Fi™ technology

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