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Learn how DTS delivers premium audio for online entertainment.


As one of the audio solutions for UltraViolet, DTS offers efficiency without compromise for streaming and downloading through a number of stereo to 7.1 multi-channel audio technologies.

DTS Express

DTS Express is a high performance discrete audio codec designed for low bit rate applications, such as streaming and downloaded content.

DTS Audio for Connected Entertainment

Whether content is delivered to a mobile phone, digital media player, connected Blu-ray player, HDTV, or game console, DTS is providing innovative high performance audio technologies that not only meet the needs of our partners, but exceed the expectations of consumers for connected entertainment.

While there has been a lot of focus on DTS-HD Master Audio™, the dominant audio codec for Blu-ray Disc™, DTS has a range of high efficiency technologies for digital delivery services and connected consumer devices. In working with content providers and technology partners, DTS delivers premium audio for online entertainment. 

Supported by Industry Standards 

DTS is an active participant in the following industry organizations created to improve the connected entertainment ecosystem for consumers. DTS audio technologies are supported in the standards for: 

  • UltraViolet™
  • DLNA 
  • Open IPTV

High Performance Codecs

DTS offers a wide range of audio options for connected entertainment devices; from constant bit rate to adaptive streaming, stereo to 5.1, and beyond:

For digital downloads or high bit rate streaming, DTS Digital Surround™ provides: 

  • Up to 6.1 discrete surround sound 
  • Constant bit rates from 255 kbps (2 ch) up to 1509 kbps (5.1) resulting in more     than twice the quality of competing audio technologies
  • Highest quality audio over S/PDIF for legacy AVR products 
  • Guaranteed DTS quality for all next generation CE devices 

DTS Express™ is a high performance low bit rate technology designed for both streaming and downloaded content. DTS Express shines when bandwidth is limited and network conditions fluctuate, with the ability to adapt to bit rate changes without audio dropouts, clicks or pops.  DTS Express is widely used by major studios for BD Live to deliver audio to Blu-ray players via the Internet. 

DTS Express provides: 

  • Constant bit-rates from 64 kbps (2 Ch) and up 
  • 5.1 channels from 192 kbps to 512 kbps 
  • Capable of 7.1 channels 
  • Adaptive bit rate capability (without audio anomalies) 

DTS Express can be used in conjunction with a DTS Digital Surround real-time transcoder to work with all legacy products in the market.

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