DTS® provides high performance audio technologies for video games, designed to allow every shot, enemy and teammate to be heard without compromise.

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DTS Provides The Ultimate Audio Experience For Gamers.

DTS Audio Elevates the Gaming Experience

DTS audio technologies cover both consoles and PCs, meaning that no matter which platform you develop on, you can provide DTS quality surround sound that elevates the gaming experience. Consumers recognize the DTS logo as a sign of quality, thus knowing they will have the best audio experience possible. 


DTS Digital Surround™ is a 6 channel (Left, Center, Right, Surround Left, Surround Right, LFE) discrete surround technology, which provides the highest quality for 5.1 gaming via S/PDIF. With over 100 million consumer devices supporting DTS Digital Surround, gamers will have the ability to experience the highest quality audio with seamless compatibility. For video game developers, DTS Digital Surround support is provided by means of a real time interactive transcoder. 


DTS Neural Surround™ is a technology designed to offer 7.1 audio for all gaming titles across multiple consoles. 

As we move into the 3D gaming world, 7.1 game audio allows you to create a more immersive experience to go with the enhanced visuals. The DTS® Neural technology provides two extra rear audio channels to allow you to provide pinpoint placement of game audio. This puts you in the center of a 360 degree gaming experience, allowing you to let the gamer know exactly where the opponent is at all times!

DTS Neural Surround provides a transparent downmix of multichannel audio from 7.1 or 5.1 to 2.0, allowing the user to hear all elements of the soundtrack clearly without adversely affecting any elements of your mix. Any user without a DTS Neural Surround capable system will hear the game in normal 5.1 or stereo and no content is missing.

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