DTS technologies transform your small weak speakers into a premium audio experience.

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See how DTS delivers unprecedented audio quality to your mobile lifestyle.

Experiencing great audio on a mobile device can be challenging. Speakers are tiny and flat sounding and audio is incredibly compressed. DTS has designed technologies that address these challenges in order to give the consumer the best audio experience possible.

• Variable bit-rates adjust to bandwidth constraints, while maintaining premium quality

• Constant bit-rate streams offer an efficient alternative when bandwidth is heavily constrained

• Dramatic, expansive sound field 

• Surround sound effect from any input source ranging from mono to 5.1 multi-channel audio 

• Speaker and Headphone Modes

• Adjustable boost level maximizes perceived loudness levels 

• Avoids distortion, clipping and other side effects due to over-driving the target system 

• Maximize the acoustic power of an audio system with existing hardware 



DTS-HD High Resolution Audio provides a higher-quality audio experience than standard definition surround sound.

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DTS Sound™

DTS Sound™

Enhances a mobile device's built-in sound system for optimal audio quality and performance.

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DTS Studio Sound™

DTS Studio Sound™

Delivers an immersive virtual surround sound experience, a consistent listening volume, clear dialog and deep bass.

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SRS Sound™

SRS Sound™

Optimizes a mobile device's sound system for peak performance and maximizes the internal speaker(s)'s volume capabilities.

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