Optical Disc

From groundbreaking audio technologies for DTS Music Disc and DVD to the latest codec offerings for high-definition Blu-ray Disc™, DTS delivers the premium audio experience for optical disc formats.

Blu-ray Disc

With bandwidth and disc capacity far beyond previous optical disc formats, it would appear easier to deliver great audio with high-definition video.  However, Blu-ray Disc audio production has some universal obstacles such as disc bandwidth, backwards compatibility and varying playback environments and devices, to name a few.

At DTS we recognize these challenges and have developed audio technologies to maximize the Blu-ray Disc experience, with features that include up to 7.1 channels of uncompressed audio, seamless connection for multi-story titles, as well as interactive audio for BD-Live and Bonus View.  The overwhelming majority of commercial Blu-ray titles use DTS-HD Master Audio™.

Key benefits include:

1. DTS® decoding is mandatory in all Blu-ray Disc playback devices, which means a DTS track can be the sole audio technology on a Blu-ray Disc release. No other codecs required.  DTS-HD Master Audio, at up to 7.1 channels, is the most efficient uncompressed audio solution for Blu-ray Disc – which is why it has become the favored audio codec for BD production.

2. All DTS-HD audio streams are backward compatible with legacy equipment (e.g. standard DTS decoder only) using the DTS Core + Extension architecture to always provide the highest quality audio for the listener’s system.

3. Every 7.1, 6.1, or 5.1 DTS-HD stream will downmix to properly play back on a 5.1 or stereo system. So whether a disc is played back through a surround system or a stereo device, the listener can enjoy the same content.

4. DTS Express™ can be combined with DTS-HD Master Audio for interactive features such as Seamless Connection, Picture-in-Picture/Bonus View, and BD-Live.  DTS Express™ is an extremely flexible, high quality, low bit-rate codec that can either be downloaded via BD-Live or authored onto a disc.


See why Blu-ray disc titles featuring DTS-HD Master Audio™ are garnering rave reviews.


DVD is still a very popular, affordable format for movies and music titles.  Competing technologies do not truly maximize the audio quality and capabilities of this optical disc format.

DTS Digital Surround™, also known as DTS® Coherent Acoustics, offers the highest quality audio experience on standard DVD. DTS technologies optimize the digital audio output with bit-rates up to 1509 kbps. This is 3-4 times the amount of audio data as other competing surround technologies. As the foundation of the Core + Extension architecture - DTS Digital Surround delivers up to 5.1 channels of audio at 48 kHz.

To enhance the audio experience, DTS also offers the only audio technology for DVD capable of playing back 96 kHz surround audio, DTS 96/24™, often used on music DVDs. In addition, DTS-ES™ is the only 6.1 discrete playback option for DVD, enabling playback via a center surround speaker, resulting in a more enveloping surround experience.

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DTS Music Disc

Many formats have come and gone, but if you want surround audio on a CD, then look no further.

Often referred to as Surround Music Disc, DTS® Music Disc delivers pristine, surround sound at up to 6.1 at 44.1 kHz or 2 channels of 88.1 kHz on a standard CD. 

Playback is easily achieved using a CD or DVD player with a digital out connection to a DTS compatible receiver. Any device that displays a DTS Digital Surround or DTS-HD™ family of logos can decode and playback DTS Music Disc. That includes many car audio systems, home theater in a box, and PC software players.

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