DTS Neo:X™

The first step toward immersive 3D audio entertainment…

DTS Neo:X™ is the world’s most comprehensive upmixing solution offering up to 11.1 channels of immersive surround with near discrete Front-Height and Wide imaging. From ambient/non-directional effects like raindrops to overhead effects like a low-flying jet, DTS Neo:X lets listeners track all the audio action. Sound arcs overhead to the Front-Height speakers, sideways to the Wide speakers, and back to the Rear speakers, creating a semi-spherical soundstage.

DTS Neo:X Benefits

  • The most comprehensive matrix upmixing solution on the market that creates a semi-spherical sound field.
  • Ability to place near discrete vertical cues (especially with optimized content) for maximum immersive effect.
  • Flexible options to cover various products and usage cases (AVR, HTiB, automotive, headphones, etc.).

Unparalleled Immersion in Music, Cinema & Games

Cinema mode: This mode offers a clear and enhanced Center channel that makes center stage action stand out in movie soundtracks, with a firm position for dialogue. It also enables listeners to experience the full audio effect across a wider range of audience seating.

  • Music mode (enhanced immersion for music): In this mode, use of the Center channel is more controlled to prevent narrowing of the front of the musical soundstage.
  • Game mode: This mode delivers enhanced directionality and immersion for an extremely interactive gaming experience. It offers the greatest degree of channel-to-channel separation, delivering discrete sound localization cues from Front-Height or Wide channels.


DTS Neo:X™

DTS Neo:X™

DTS Neo:X™ Video

See how DTS Neo:X technology completes your 3D entertainment experience.

DTS Neo:X – Bigger Sound is Better (from 2.0 to 11.1)

For existing audio recordings, there are no limitations on the application or usage of DTS Neo:X. The solution offers the most flexible upmixing available for high-end home theater systems and automotive audio systems. With flexible output channel configurations (up to 11.1) from various sources and various inputs (2.0 to 7.1), DTS Neo:X supports the widest range of speaker layouts - from stereo to 7.1, 9.1 and 11.1 surround.

DTS Neo:X – Upmixing to 3D Audio

An important goal of the DTS multi-tiered plan is to enable content creators to produce 3D audio and provide it to consumers without changing the delivery chain. With the DTS Neo:X capability for near discrete Height/Wide output, studios can produce directional cues intended only for these speakers, with no audible leakage into other channels. Studios can also produce soundtracks optimized for DTS Neo:X that offer a compatible listening environment in “standard” multi-channel playback configurations.
To match the user's speaker layout, DTS Neo:X separates input frequencies into sub-bands and then creates additional output channels. As it adds depth and intensity, it maintains the integrity of the original audio, keeping elements in their intended locations.

DTS Neo:X™ 7.1 DTS Neo:X™ 9.1 DTS Neo:X™ 11.1

Audio up-mixing of general content and Neo:X-optimized content with height information embedded

DTS Neo:X 9.1 Speaker Configuration

DTS Neo:X 11.1 Speaker Configuration

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