DTS Sound™ for Computers

DTS Sound™ is an audio processing technology suite developed for PCs and tablets.

DTS Sound is an audio processing solution designed to optimize the playback of music, movies, streaming and games on the PC regardless of form factors. DTS Sound enables an immersive virtual surround sound experience, complete with rich bass and dialog enhancement and maximized volume levels free of any clipping or distortion. Speakers and technologies can be tuned for peak performance, and the user provided with an intuitive interface providing presets for ease of use.

DTS Sound Benefits:

  • Accurate placement of audio cues for immersive surround sound from any PC speaker configuration – laptop / desktop / tablet speakers or headphones
  • Broad sweet spot with elevated sound image
  • Improved volume output delivering maximum volume without creating clipping or distortion
  • Dialog enhancement for clear and intelligible vocals
  • Bass enhancement for rich, low frequency production
  • Expanded sound field for mono/stereo playback
  • Custom tuned to the PCs speakers (DTS expert engineering support)
DTS Sound™

DTS Sound™

DTS Sound™ for Computers

DTS Sound™ for Computers

DTS Sound is a solution suite comprised of the most highly regarded DTS technologies. These include:

  • TruSurround HDx™:  Utilizes HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) based signal processing and a variety of post processing techniques to create an immersive surround sound experience from two speakers
    • Virtual surround sound from two speakers, whether the input source be mono, stereo or even 7.1
    • Expands high frequencies to add missing brightness
    • Eliminates dead spots – creating a broad audio image
  • WOW HDx™:  Enhances stereo and mono playback using psychoacoustics
    • Significantly improves the performance of stereo music signals over internal speakers or headphones
    • Applies acoustic dipole and crosstalk interference theory to extend the sound images well past the borders of stereo speakers, creating an expansive and enveloping sound field
    • Retrieves information lost in the mixing process to create a more natural audio experience
    • Enhances high frequencies to ensure the resulting audio is clear and realistic
    • Dialog enhancement for clear and intelligible vocals
  • TruBass HDx™: provides perception of improved bass response, up to an octave lower than the speakers could offer, delivering rich tonal qualities to voice
    • Psychoacoustic principle of "missing fundamentals" applied by using harmonic filtering to enhance perceived bass enhancement
    • Adjustable cutoff frequency and bandpass filter center frequencies, to match speakers' characteristics
  • TruTools™: enables device optimization
    • Adjustable number of bands per audio channel, each adjustable up to +/- 20 dB gain, for perfect sound playback
    • Increase maximum volume on small speakers, while eliminating clipping and sound quality degradation
    • High resolution 10 band GEQ for user frequency adjustment
  • CS Headphone™: provides a more accurate personal 5.1 surround sound experience over headphones
    • Creates an accurate 5.1 personal surround sound experience from stereo or composite Lt/Rt material over stereo headphones
    • Generates the highest quality surround sound – placing left, right, center, surround left and surround right speakers accurately around the listener's head


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