DTS Sound™ for TVs and Sound bars

DTS Sound™ is a state-of-the-art audio tuning solution that provides the perfect audio foundation for FPTVs and Sound bars.
DTS Sound™

DTS Sound™

DTS Sound™ for TVs and Sound bars

DTS Sound™ for TVs and Sound bars

Unlike other EQs, DTS Sound uses two types of filters, making it a hybrid EQ system.  The number and type of filters used will dynamically adapt depending on the resources available on the target platform (DSP or SoC). 

DTS Sound uses a proprietary tuning interface which resides on a PC.  This sophisticated and professional software tool enables TVs and Sound bars to be tuned by a qualified Field Application Engineer.  Additionally, DTS AudioID, included with all DTS Sound systems, is a patented transmission protocol which enables the filter coefficients generated by the tuning software to be sent directly from the tuning PC to the target platform seamlessly.

Furthermore, DTS Sound utilizes patented psychoacoustic technologies to provide a remarkably clean sound experience, complete with deep, rich, enveloping bass and high-frequency optimization. In the end, DTS Sound is the perfect solution to ensure consistently superior sound quality from any TV or Sound bar.

DTS Sound Benefits:

  • Automated high-resolution amplitude correction for entire audible frequency spectrum.
  • Dynamic tracking of fundamental bass harmonic to intelligently set correct low frequency crossover.
  • Adaptive translation of low-frequency content (that cannot be reproduced in some speakers) to higher harmonic locations as necessary for improved bass perception.
  • Use of multiple types of filters for maximum performance & efficiency:
      • FIR for mid-to-high frequencies.
      • IIR for low frequencies.
    • Scalable, consistent tuning for various applications.


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