DTS TruSurround™

DTS TruSurround™ is a virtual surround sound solution that delivers a realistic surround sound environment over Stereo or 3.1 speaker configurations, most notably on HDTVs and sound bars.

With DTS TruSurround, speakers can be tuned for peak performance and to accurately extract and place audio cues for a realistic and immersive virtual surround experience from TVs and sound bars. To provide a complete audio entertainment experience, post-processing and psychoacoustic techniques are implemented for bass and dialog enhancement and to provide high frequency definition for maximum realism and clarity.

DTS TruSurround Benefits:

  • Processes mono, stereo and up to 5.1 channels for playback over 2.0 to 3.1 speaker systems or headphones.
  • Broad sweet spot with elevated sound image.
  • Dialog enhancement for clear and intelligible vocals.
  • Bass enhancement for rich, low frequency production.
  • Expanded sound field for mono/stereo playback.
  • Definition control for maximum high-frequency realism and clarity.
  • Custom tuned to product design (DTS expert engineering support).
DTS TruSurround™

DTS TruSurround™

DTS TruSurround™ for TVs and Sound bars

DTS TruSurround™ for TVs and Sound bars

The Problem:

Today, surround sound in the home is desired by more and more people, however, in many instances, it is not possible to include all of the speakers necessary to reproduce multiple channels due to cost, wiring, difficulty of setup, cosmetic considerations, and constraints of the room.

The Solution:

DTS TruSurround, based on theory of the Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF), is an attractive alternative to multiple discrete speaker playback as it possesses the unique quality of accurately replicating a realistic sounding environment over any Stereo or 3.1 speaker configuration using a variety of input source channel configurations. In sharp contrast to many solutions that are highly dependent on hardware design, DTS TruSurround does not require any particular speakers or speaker designs.

Many virtual speaker solutions available on the market today simply strive to replace the missing speakers for one listener. In contrast, the objective of DTS TruSurround is to deliver a realistic sensation of being surround by sound for everyone in the room. Additionally, DTS TruSurround employs post-processing and psychoacoustic techniques that provide a more complete audio entertainment experience for the consumer. A few of the major advantages these techniques enable for the DTS TruSurround solution include:

  • Provides a broad sweet spot, which is present throughout the room except for on the horizontal axes of speakers. This is in sharp contrast to other front surround technologies, where the sweet spot is approximately the size of one seat on a couch.
  • Greatly improves the intelligibility of dialog derived from all multichannel source material, where background music, ambient noise and explosions mask formants that are essential to comprehension of speech when an actor is speaking.
  • Creates the perception of improved bass response, up to an octave lower than the speakers could offer, providing a deep, rich bass performance for the consumer.


A realistic sounding, immersive surround sound field can be produced from front speaker only configurations through the application of HRTF theory and audio processing. Not only does DTS TruSurround process up to 5.1 channels for playback over 2.0 to 3.1 speaker systems or headphones, it also utilizes proprietary algorithms from DTS to optimize bass performance for deep rich bass, dialog clarity for better intelligibility of vocals, and definition control for maximum high-frequency clarity. Additionally, the patented techniques in TruSurround deliver the broadest possible “sweet spot” for maximum realism and enjoyment.

DTS TruSurround™

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