DTS TruVolume™ for Set-top Boxes and Sound bars

DTS TruVolume™ is an intelligent approach to eliminating disparities in volume levels.

By employing an advanced algorithm that models the way our ears and brain perceive loudness, DTS TruVolume allows the consumer to set the desired volume once to enjoy television, music and all other content without annoying volume fluctuations. TruVolume will ensure the consumer’s desired volume level is maintained consistently without producing undesirable artifacts. The result is a natural-sounding, superior audio experience with clear dialog and no listener fatigue.

DTS TruVolume Benefits:

  • Set desired volume level once to enjoy television, music, etc. free of annoying volume fluctuations.
  • Intelligent multi-band monitoring/analysis for consistent volume in natural listening experience.
  • No pumping & artifacts associated with traditional AGCs.
  • Industry’s most resource-efficient algorithm.
DTS TruVolume™

DTS TruVolume™

DTS TruVolume™ for Set-top Boxes and Sound bars

DTS TruVolume™ for Set-top Boxes and Sound bars

The Problem:

Broadcast signals received by TV sets and set-top boxes come from several providers, each of which transmits their audio content at dissimilar levels. With the large amount of channels currently available on cable and satellite TV packages, the inconsistency in the perceived loudness from channel to channel increases and has become a cause of annoyance for users worldwide. Moreover, within each channel, audio levels can change dramatically. For instances, commercials tend to be substantially louder than programming in order to capture the viewer’s attention at the expense of abrupt and displeasing changes in audio levels.

Traditional automatic gain controls (AGCs) are simplistic and control the volume level by detecting the input signal level and then adjusting the entire signal. This typically generates undesirable artifacts, such as “breathing” where the noise floor rises and falls drastically along with the signal level and “pumping” where low levels signals are lost. Additionally, traditional AGCs can produce unsatisfactory dialog fluctuations and listener fatigue.

The Solution:

DTS TruVolume is a new approach to automatic gain control systems designed to offer the listener with a consistent and comfortable listening experience regardless of the level changes that occur in the audio material. Unlike traditional approaches to automatic gain control, TruVolume utilizes the psychoacoustic concept of loudness in conjunction with an accurate simulation of the human inner ear. As such, TruVolume constantly monitors and adjusts the level of the audio signal, so that its perceived loudness remains consistent.

DTS TruVolume is based on human loudness perception models and multi-band signal analysis. TruVolume doesn’t produce undesirable artifacts, and, most importantly, it maintains the reference volume level, resulting in a superior audio experience with clear dialog and no listener fatigue.


Through the utilization of the psychoacoustical concept of loudness, annoying inconsistencies in volume can be eliminated and the listener allowed to enjoy watching television or listening to music and all other content at their chosen volume level without worrying about sudden unintelligible or earsplitting volumes.

TruVolume™: an intelligent approach to eliminating discrepancies in volume

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