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DTS Express is a high performance discrete audio codec designed for low bit rate applications, such as streaming and downloaded content.
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DTS Express is a proven high quality, low bit-rate audio codec that has been widely used by major entertainment studios for Blu-ray disc™ secondary audio, BD Live, and other similar applications. DTS Express can be used with up to 5.1 channels and up to 48 kHz / 24 bit. This technology also features constant bit rates from 48 kbps to 512 kbps. Also, DTS Express is fully compatible with hundreds of millions of consumer electronics devices via a DTS Digital Surround™ real-time transcoder.

DTS Express also features the exclusive “Fit-To-Stream” technology for digital delivery. As more and more consumers are downloading their entertainment content via the internet, DTS’ exclusive “Fit-To-Stream” technology is becoming a must have.


  • Dynamically adapts to fluctuations in connection speed without affecting audio quality for the listener
  • A single encode serves variable bandwidth connections—conserves space on servers and media management systems
  • Scalable and adaptive streaming with no audio dropouts, clicks, or pops—providing a seamless entertainment experience, even with significant changes in bit-rate
  • Efficient production workflow—Single encode solution
  • Multi-channel encoded streams can downmix to stereo—delivering the best quality to all users

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