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Looking for a Windows Media Player plugin? Sadly, Audio Essentials has gone away, but don’t fret. There are still billions of ways to experience DTS sound! 

Our audio technology can be found inside billions of products worldwide. From your own home theater system, to computers and laptops, to the ubiquitous smartphone, DTS has made unsurpassed audio quality accessible to everyone. Our latest innovations are revolutionizing the way we listen to audio through our headphones, with DTS Headphone:X; and how we experience music at home, with DTS Play-Fi.

DTS Headphone:X technology faithfully reproduces multi-speaker surround sound through headphones, any pair of headphones. Whether it’s your music, movies or games, Headphone:X brings this technology to life, by delivering audio the way the artist intended it  to sound. Learn more.  

DTS Play-Fi

DTS Play-Fi is powering the largest whole-home wireless ecosystem on Earth, with more product choices from more of the brands you know and love.

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Customer Support Contact

Looking for support? Existing owners of Audio Essentials with support issues or who need to download the software from a prior purchase, please complete our Support Form.


@timetrexs Currently the technology is not available that way. We will be sure to share any updates on the tech when they occur



Looking for a gift for that hard to shop for person in your life? Have a few thousand dollars to spend? Check out the 88 Tauri Lamborghini phone with DTS audio technology.

This $6,000 'Lamborghini' smartphone will make you feel special
If you want a smartphone to match your lux lifestyle, you can't settle for the same old iPhone as everyone else. You need something unique to show off just how special you are. That's where the 88...


Deepak Chopra Presented by DTS

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